Justin Bieber’s Drag-Racing Gal Pal Chantel Jeffries Denies She Tried to Sell Her Story

At least Justin Bieber has one person he can trust when it comes to his legally-challenged crew (Lil Za and Khalil should take note).

Chantel Jeffries isn’t planning on stirring the celebrity-hungry pot and selling out the superstar despite a report to the contrary.

The 21-year-old bikini model who was with Biebs and Khalil when they were arrested last week for their drag-racing street stunt is telling her side of the story after Page Six reported she was going to pocket $20,000 to blab to the tabs about the incident in Miami.

Well, she says that never happened… and never will (at least until Biebs stops taking her on swanky vacays.)

“So many false allegations going around, I will clear up everything very soon,” she said.

“I would never ‘sell my story,'” she added on Twitter Tuesday.

I mean, when would the girl possibly have the time, anyway? She’s been too busy working on her Panamanian tan and posting selfies during her Central American holiday with the bad boy crooner to care about anything else.

Photo: Instagram

According to the NY Post, a rep for Bieber’s new babe, who a source tells CB! have been friends for years, had reached out to the weekly mags and producers of Good Morning America, Inside Edition and TODAY, and even hired a lawyer to broker the five-figure deal. But it all came to a halt when no one would give her a pay day and she went on the last minute getaway.