‘Real Housewife’ Ramona Singer and Her House-Hubby Were a “Happy Couple” Just a Few Weeks Ago, Source Says

Now that Ramona Singer’s own reality has publicly come crashing down with news of her husband’s alleged affair, which reportedly led to a visit by the cops last weekend in the Hamptons, CB! has new details about how the TV couple has been trying to save face over the months.

When reports surfaced last October that the Real Housewives of New York star’s 60-year-old husband Mario knocked up some socialite, Ramona pretended it didn’t happen, a source tells CB!

“She’s denied it everyone in her inner circle, basically, that it’s not happening,” a source said. “She’s willing to do anything she can to hold on to that image, including telling everyone how great her marriage is.”

The troubled twosome, however, have been playing happy family, even as recently as the last couple weeks, despite reports of a separation.

“They were the happy couple on New Year’s Eve partying at a country club in New Jersey,” added the source.

An eyewitness also told Celebuzz the husband and wife were spotted together just recently at another holiday party about two weeks ago, where Mario allegedly had another run-in with Ramona’s nemesis/former NYC Housewife Jill Zarin.

“He verbally assaulted her at a party to the point where Jill was shaking and her husband had to save her, yet again,” the eyewitness said. “He told Mario to get away from his wife because he seemed drunk and was out of line. Jill felt unsafe and thought he was going to get physical.”

Mario was apparently livid that the feisty red-head spilled the beans about his flirty ways with all the Housewives, screaming “I wouldn’t f**k you if you were the last woman on earth” and ranting that “her 15 minutes of fame are up.”

Another eyewitness tells us Mario and his alleged mistress, 32-year-old buxom blond Kasey Dexter, were at Marc Leder’s Hamptons soiree last July… along with Ramona. Talk about awkward!

“Her [Dexter’s] friends were telling people about the affair because Mario kept coming over to the apartment. And her roommate wanted him out.

“Rumor at the party was Mario even went upstairs to the bedroom with her,” said the eyewitness. “He was all over her in front of Ramona. It was so disrespectful. If my husband did that, I’d divorce him.”

But, we’re told, Ramona was apparently in the middle of her own “Turtle Time” sesh, doing a striptease-like moves on the dance floor, to notice.

However, as hot and heavy Mario and his lady friend were in public, the source tells us when the baby-making story made headlines, Mario called off the affair, telling Dexter to stop calling him. But a short while later, they were back on.

Those close to Ramona blame the so-called Housewives curse on the marriage meltdown.

“Mario’s ego got so big because he got famous. And young girls think he’s got the money,” added the source.

“If it hadn’t been for the show, they’d probably be unhappily married because I don’t think anyone would look twice at him.”

Still, Ramona is turning a blind eye, even tweeting today about healthy Super Bowl recipes.

Calls to Ramona and the police have not yet been returned.