Anna Kendrick Claims Katy Perry Finger-Banged Her Cleavage at the Grammys

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Finger-banging cleavage is apparently all the rage these days, and singer Katy Perry partook in some of the action with actress and singer Anna Kendrick.

Kendrick told Conan O’Brien that Perry “finger-banged my cleavage” due to her revealing outfit.

A visibly flustered Conan asked Kendrick why Perry did that and she said it was because she was “kind of asking for it.”

Kendrick also adorably freaked out about meeting the one-and-only Beyonce!

“I was like, ‘This isn’t happening, Maybe I imagined the whole thing, I don’t know,'” she joked. “Honestly, I was completely shaking. I don’t think I let go of her hand the entire conversation. I’m very creepy.”

She even tweeted about her encounter. And posted a pic to Instagram.


Watch Anna Kendrick tell her Katy Perry story on Conan.