Rihanna Is a Very Literal Lap Dancer

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Look, you and I both know that people would still shell out a pretty penny or two to watch Rihanna give a lap dance, even if it only entailed Rihanna watching her own lap dance. You'd also shell out a pretty penny to read today's winning captions, but the good news is that you don't have to!

"I'm so rich I can just party in my robe! Who needs clothes?!?!" - Natasha

"Dam. Where'd my tits go?" - Alyce

"The hell am I wearin'?" - Victoria

"Shit, I forgot my bra again! Need to lay off the drinking!" - Lucia

"Pour it up, pour it up. Watch my dress fall down." - Zoureena

"Wouldn't you looovee to peel this banana???" - Rashida

"Ride it with my SURFBOARTTT!" - I'Am

"Aww man, a mustard stain!" - Samantha

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