Jared Leto Uses Kate Middleton’s Hat Maker, Looks Dapper as Hell

Tonight, Jared Leto took those long locks out in London for the UK premiere of Dallas Buyers Club.

Leto joined co-star and fellow Oscar nominee Matthew McConaughey at the Curzon Mayfair, paying homage to the British fashion industry in a Burberry suit, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and a Lock & Co hat (a milliner worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on several occasions).

Leto spoke to London’s Evening Standard about playing a transgender AIDs patient.

The heels were fine, I know what I’m doing with them,” Leto said.  “But tights are really difficult to wear. I have tattoos on my legs so I had to wear two pairs to cover them up and they cut off my circulation. They aren’t comfortable, I don’t miss them at all.”

Leto would have to argue with anyone who said he looked fantastic in drag.

“I would debate whether I looked as hot as a woman,” he said.  “I didn’t get too many numbers.”