Jared Leto Uses Kate Middleton’s Hat Maker, Looks Dapper as Hell

Kelly Lynch / January 29, 2014

Tonight, Jared Leto took those long locks out in London for the UK premiere of Dallas Buyers Club.

Leto joined co-star and fellow Oscar nominee Matthew McConaughey at the Curzon Mayfair, paying homage to the British fashion industry in a Burberry suit, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and a Lock & Co hat (a milliner worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on several occasions).

Leto spoke to London’s Evening Standard about playing a transgender AIDs patient.

The heels were fine, I know what I’m doing with them,” Leto said.  “But tights are really difficult to wear. I have tattoos on my legs so I had to wear two pairs to cover them up and they cut off my circulation. They aren’t comfortable, I don’t miss them at all.”

Leto would have to argue with anyone who said he looked fantastic in drag.

“I would debate whether I looked as hot as a woman,” he said.  “I didn’t get too many numbers.”