Lea Michele Shares the Secrets of Her Friendship with BFF Jonathan Groff in Teen Vogue Video

Lea Gets Sexy For Candies
Lea Michele is oh la la in Candies campaign.
Actress and singer Lea Michele is featured on the cover of Teen Vogue’s March 2014 issue, and she talked about her relationship with Cory Monteith and his impact on her life.

In a new behind the scenes video from her photo shoot, we learn more about her friendship with Lea’s best friend Jonathan Groff as well as the inspiration for her album Louder.

Regarding her friendship with Jonathan she says, “We get each other better than any two people I think on the planet.”

In the photoshoot you can see the best friends’ chemistry and why the “get” each other so well.

The pair are seemingly true soul mates.

Watch above to see more from her Teen Vogue behind the scenes video.