Selena Gomez Has Moved On, Might Be Dating Justin Bieber's Successor

SelGo's Boy Troubles
Selena has yet to find a man who "understands" her. Read More »

Selgo has moved on. According to Us Weeklythe "Come & Get It" singer is no longer seeing troubled Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and is now testing the waters with 17-year old American wannabe Austin Mahone. 17?! Selena is 21 years old. Is that even legal?

"Austena" was supposedly set up by mutual friend Taylor Swift, the Patti Stanger of her time apparently. "They're seeing each other," the source told the magazine. It's all very hush hush however, as the two "sneaked out separately, but then got in the same car," after leaving the Beats Music concert on January 24th.

What do you think of this new couple? Rebound or real thing?




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  • Sarah Barnett
    Sarah Barnett

    Your welcome :D

  • Ashley Southers
    Ashley Southers

    Age ain't nothin but a number I support it's just dating ain't like they getting married

  • Barbara DeFranco
    Barbara DeFranco

    Thanks Sarah, I got my pop songbirds all mixed up. Edits made.

  • Sarah Barnett
    Sarah Barnett

    Um selena is 21 and she never sung "I Knew you were trouble" That was taylor swift who is 24