Jennifer Lawrence’s Career as Told in Emoji and Other Funny Things

Hello! Happy Thursday! If you’re living in a cold part of the world, I hope you’re staying warm! If you’re living somewhere warmer, can I come stay with you? I’ll pay you by way of funny things I found on the internet? Is that a good trade? Sounds like a good trade. OK, it’s set. See you in a few! By the way, I hope you’re not allergic to dogs or horses, because I’ve got two of each, and I’m bringing them. None of them are house-trained, but it’s OK because I can’t smell anything due to a disorder (the same one that guy in Perfume had), so I won’t be bothered. Now, as for what I owe you: Celebrity Meme Roundup! On the agenda today: a few good 2014 Grammy memes, another Her parody, some unretouched photos of Disney princesses, and more.

Here’s Jennifer Lawrence’s full career in emoji. If you need some help decoding this, visit our friends at Mashable.

The Grammy Awards yielded a few good laughable moments:

Barack Obama wearing Pharrell’s bizarre hat:

And this horrifying thing, which is a facial mashup of Macklemore and Morgan Freeman called Macklemore Freeman:

Feel like every indie movie trailer is the same? You’re not alone:

BuzzFeed’s Jen Lewis got her hands on unretouched photos of Disney princesses. Enjoy a few below, and more at BuzzFeed.

What’s one more Her parody?

We end this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup with The ABCs of Beyonc√©. Click here for larger individual images.

That’s it! Now, tit-for-tat, so I’ll be at your place soon with my dogs and horses! If you could have some tea on by the time I get there (and some bourbon to pour into the tea), that’d be great, thanks.