For $20K, You Can Stay at Kevin Jonas’ Home and Go to The Super Bowl

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First, Joe Jonas is a taxi driver and now his brother Kevin Jonas is renting out his home. What next? Will Nick Jonas be moonlighting as an Applebee’s server?

Kevin, along with many other residents of New York and New Jersey are seizing an opportunity to make a few bucks thousands of dollars by renting out their homes for Super Bowl XLVIII fans.

The 26-year old singer and reality star posted photos of his six-bedroom, Denville, N.J. home on Airbnb along with the listing: “We are currently expecting our first baby girl and have moved out of our home to make room for our new family of three. But before we sold the house, we wanted to offer up the opportunity for both music and football fans to have the chance to stay there for the Super Bowl. And I’m even throwing in 4 tickets to the big game!”

“Located in Denville, New Jersey, just a short drive from this year’s Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium, Seahawks and Bronco’s fans can use our home as your home base when you are attending the game, and you can watch the after-shows from the comfort of our home theater with stadium seating and a 3-D projector.”

Of course the price tag isn’t cheap per se. For $20,000 you have full access to Kevin and his wife Danielle Jonas‘ estate for one night, plus the four tickets. Those are averaging about $3K each, so I suppose the price he’s asking for isn’t that exorbitant. Additionally, Kevin is donating a portion of the rental fee to his charity Change for the Children.

Still, I can think of better ways to spend $20,000 but then, the only Super Bowl I plan to watch on Sunday is the Puppy Bowl X so what do I know?

To see all the interior shots of the Jonas domicile, launch the gallery above.