Justin Bieber’s Toxicology Report Reveals He Was High on Marijuana and Xanax

The preliminary toxicology report released by the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office indicates Justin Bieber was high at the time of his arrest.

So, just what was found in his system?

According to the report obtained by Celebuzz, Biebs tested positive for two substances: 9 Carboxy THC, the main ingredient in marijuana, and Alprazolam, also known as Xanax, that’s often prescribed for anxiety, panic disorder, and insomnia.

He tested negative for Oxycodone, opiates, cocaine and Methamphetamines.

According to the Miami Beach Police DUI test report, it indicates the teen idol “had an odor of marijuana on his clothes.”

And what’s very telling is that cops check-marked a few descriptive boxes about the pop star’s “attitude” during his arrest, in which they describe him as “excited, talkative, cooperative, [using] profanity, insulting, and cocky.” (Wow, that’s hard to belieb.)

His speech was mumbled and his pupils were also dilated.

Among his other impairments during the field sobriety test included he couldn’t follow a moving object, couldn’t keep his eyes closed, was swaying back and forth, lost balance, started before instructed, couldn’t touch his heel to toe, stepped off the line and had great difficulty providing a continuous breath during a Breathalizer.