Watch Helen Mirren Twerk Her Way To Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year Award

What a good sport. While accepting the Harvard Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year Award, Helen Mirren—who is a real-life dame—was forced to twerk during a game of charades. It wasn’t Mirren’s first experiment in twerking, at the roast, Mirren admit to having “tried twerking in [her] bedroom [and] it was absolutely humiliating.” But this time around she doesn’t look half bad!

Hasty Pudding is a theatrical troupe at Harvard. Each year they award their Woman of the Year and celebrate with a roast and a parade through Cambridge, Mass.

During the roast, Mirren also joked about her fellow actors Harrison Ford, who she called the “hottest actor [she] ever worked with,” and Meryl Streep. Of Streep, Mirren said, “Meryl [Streep] would win [in a fight]. She’s bigger, stronger and mentally stronger than I am.”

Receiving her ceremonial pudding pot, Mirren joked that the award was an even bigger honor than meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace.