Justin Bieber's BFF Faces 9 Years in Prison

Lil Za charged with counts of felony drug possession and property damage.

Lil Za admitted drugs were his
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It's not been a good week for Justin Bieber and his entourage.

While the Canadian pop star has been slapped with criminal assault charges back in his home country, his BFF Lil Za has been charged with three felonies, Celebuzz can confirm.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has charged the aspiring rapper with two counts of felony possession of a controlled substance -- ecstasy and Oxycodone -- following the police raid at Bieber's mansion earlier this month. Za has also been charged with one felony for breaking a phone while he was detained at a local precinct.

Each count holds up to three years of prison time as punishment, meaning Za could be facing nine years behind bars. He'll be arraigned Feb. 4.

Since his run-in with the cops, Lil Za blamed blatant racism and the media for dragging his name through the mud. Though he scoffed at claims of cocaine use, a source close to his case told us that Za was arrested because he was the only one who admitted that the drugs found in Bieber's house were his.

He was pretty angry throughout the whole process,” the source said. “But he was one of six or seven male black Americans [at Bieber's Calabasas house] and no one else went to jail except for the one who admitted the drugs were his. That tells you something.”



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  • Dolly RiRe Parsons
    Dolly RiRe Parsons

    Ok this is my point Lil Za admits to it being his drugs, yet it's Beiber's house. I believe the correct thing to do is charge them both. Charging Lil Za implies Beiber did not want him in his house with drugs and we all know that's lie. The black boy who tells the truth is captured and the little rich white boy keeps getting set free multiple times. Yeah it's not a black thing it's a wrong thing. Both should be charged especially if talking felony charges. D.A. there is a little incident with a toxicology report that says Bieber does ingest pills

  • Robert Kimball
    Robert Kimball

    Let's see if I understand this correctly--a young man named Lil Za, one of Justin Beiber's friends, admitted to having drugs while in Beiber's house. There were several other young men present...and probably some women. There were drugs and alcohol??? For some reason, LilZa says it was his drugs. Right? Maybe that was true, or maybe he was covering for Beiber or some of the others. Regardless--he may go to jail and Beiber, who is constantly in trouble, gets off "scott-free." Ummmm. Something seems wrong with this picture.