Sienna Miller Shrugs Off Daniel Craig Affair Claims During UK Hacking Trial

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Actress Sienna Miller struck back at the “titillating” press reports of her relationship with Bond actor Daniel Craig (while she was dating Jude Law), as she revealed to the hacking trial that it was “a very brief encounter”.

The judge Mr. Justice Saunders apologized to Miller for any distress caused by the renewed media interest thrown up during the trial of seven defendants including former News of the World editor Andy Coulson.

Miller has denied that her affair with Daniel Craig, the James Bond actor, was a “relationship”, describing it instead as a “very brief encounter.”

Giving evidence in the phone hacking trial via videolink from New Orleans, where the actress is filming a new movie, Miss Miller described Mr Craig as “her very best friend,” but insisted that reports of a message in which she said she loved him had been “misconstrued”.

Jurors were told that the News of the World exposed her affair with Mr Craig after Dan Evans, a reporter, hacked into the actor’s voicemail in 2005.

Mr Evans overheard a message from the 32-year-old actress, in which it is claimed that she said: “Hi, it’s me. I can’t talk I’m at the Groucho [the London club] with Jude. I love you.”

Under his cross-examination, Miller said she recognized that a journalist might find the voice mail “titillating.”

“I think if journalists got their hands on that piece of information, they would find it titillating and it might be the basis for a story,” she said. “People would have thought that was a pretty exciting message to hear — people who didn’t know my nature and know that’s how I communicated with people.”

Love all around for Sienna Miller’s friends I guess.