Zac Efron Talks Breaking Jaw on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Actor Zac Efron paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (January 30, 2014) to promote his new comedy That Awkward Moment which opens in theaters today. Efron declared the film “fucking hilarious.” Our review of the film will be posted live in the morning on Celebuzz.

Zac talked about his broken jaw and how it turned out to be a great way to lose some weight.

“I was running through my house and I slipped and fell on my face. Let me start over, because the story starts kind of cool,” Efron said. “I have a fountain in my house. That’s kind of dope, right? So I was running through and slipped on water and hit my chin on the fountain in my house. It’s not a big fountain, but it’s a fountain in my house.”

As for getting his jaw wired shut, Zac said, “It was pretty gnarly.”

Thankfully Zac is looking all pretty once again!

Watch Efron’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel below and make sure to launch the gallery to see more pics of Zac arriving at the studio.