Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Defied Death in the Desert Thanks To Their Mercedes-Benz

Lovebirds Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger drove into the Death Valley with no fresh water and managed to survive two days in the searing heat. But what did they drink, you ask? The pair stayed hydrated by drinking the emissions from their brand new Mercedes-Benz F-CELL.

That’s right, Josh and Diane agreed to be the guinea pigs for Mercedes-Benz and it’s new car that runs on compressed hydrogen. And to prove that the car’s only emissions come in the form of water vapor, some genius strapped a water tank to the exhaust. You guessed it, Diane an Josh drank from that very same tank for two days in one of the driest regions of the country. If you’re as skeptical as we were, watch the video below.

And there you have it, the future of personal transportation as explained by one of the most luxurious car companies operating today. Start saving those allowances kids!