Kylie Jenner's Blonde Ambition is Showing

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Like Madonna and Marilyn before her, Kylie Jenner seems to be thinking about ditching her darker roots and going blonde. First though, she's testing the waters with some brand new highlights.

Joining her sisters in the lighter hair department, Kylie shared her new 'do with the world yesterday and seems pretty pleased with the results.

At first glance, the differences aren't all that obvious. If you take a side-by-side look at the before and after though, it's a different story.

I actually really like the change. It's a little early for what I would think is a summer style, but she does live in the land of perpetual sun, Southern California. What do you think kids? Are we liking the edgier Kylie or should she run to the nearest salon and reclaim her ebony locks?



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  • Janet Graboski Kroemer
    Janet Graboski Kroemer

    OMG she cut her hair.... what is the world to do??? My life will never be the same.... poor lil' rich girl with collagen lips and a haircut? go away kardashians and jenners.... nobody with a brain cares!!!

  • graciesgoldstar

    reporting on this repulsive bottom feeding Hollywood slut in training is disgusting when a real Hollywood legend passed away this morning as in Maximilian Schell who won the best actor Academy Award 35 years before she was born correct he won on April 9th 1962 and Kylie was born August 10th 1997. shows where this sites priorities are failing to report the death of an import actor such as MR Schell in favor of reporting on the no talent like the KARDASHIAN/Jenner's