Watch Jimmy Fallon and David Beckham Play Russian Roulette with Eggs

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You know who still looks amazingly hot with raw eggs all over his head? David Beckham, that’s who.

David has been making the rounds promoting the latest edition of his oh-so-popular underwear line and stopped by Late Night last night. And per usual, Jimmy Fallon couldn’t be bothered to just have a normal, sit-down interview. He decided he and David would also play a game of Russian Roulette….with eggs.

The rules were simple: pick an egg from a carton, that contained both hardboiled and raw eggs, and smash it upon your head. The loser would be the first person to smash two raw eggs on their noggin. We won’t spoil it for you, you’ve got to watch the video to find out who won the battle royale.

I’m not sure what other celebrity would be willing to smash eggs on their head, but David was a great sport about the whole thing. I guess if you’re used to being half naked, you don’t mind ruining your hair. Just so long as you get to wear a suit while you’re doing it.