Justin Bieber Buys His Fans Their Very Own iPhones

True to his promise to “swag on” people, Justin Bieber made two fangirls very happy when he gifted them their very own iPhones this weekend.

Two lucky Beliebers were at Apple’s flagship store in New York City when they ran into the singer, who was in town for the Super Bowl. According to fan Lalita Selochan, she and a friend had been waiting outside the singer’s hotel since Saturday but went into the store for warmth. After tweeting the “Baby” crooner about their time in the cold, they started watching Bieber’s new “Confident” music video when the singer himself entered the store and tapped her on the shoulder.

“We continued to watch the video, then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I heard ‘I see you guys checking out the new video.’ I turned around to see JUSTIN DREW BIEBER STANDING RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES,” she recalled in a Twitter post.

After asking Selochan and her friend for their favorite colors, Bieber then bought them each an iPhone 5C.

“He told the guys that worked there ‘I want a pink one for her, and a green for her and lemme [sic] get a yellow for me,” Selochan wrote. “[Then] he handed us the iPhone 5C he bought for us.”

“We exchanged high fives and I told him, ‘No matter what stupid rumor comes up, I’ll always be by your side. Always a Belieber!’ He told us he loved us and went upstairs with his bodyguards,” she continued. “Justin is so much more than what the stupid media makes him to be. He’s sweet and caring and funny.”

It seems Bieber is on a roll with the good deeds. Following his encounter with his fans at the Apple store, the 19-year-old defended his Beliebers online, tweeting: