WATCH: Barbara Walters Defends Woody Allen and Gets In Heated Argument With Sherri Shepherd

The View co-hosts Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepherd did not see eye to eye when it came to debating the shocking open letter written by the Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

In a New York Times article published last Saturday, Dylan details years of sexual abuse at the hands of the film director, claims of which Woody vehemently denies and blames on “vengeful lover,” Dylan’s mother, Mia Farrow.

When the morning talk show topic turned to the recent sensational headlines that have resurfaced since they were first alleged when Dylan was just 7-year-old, the famed broadcast journalist quickly came to his defense.

“I’ve been with Woody many times with his two daughters,” Barbara said of Manzie and Bechet Allen, Woody’s children with wife Soon-Yi Previn.

“I have rarely seen a father as sensitive and as loving and as caring as Woody is to these two girls … I don’t know about Dylan, but I can only tell what I have seen now. That it’s a good marriage and he is a loving, caring father.”

Only, Sherri wanted to remind Barbara that molestation claims aside, Allen has a track record of being attracted to young women. Allen first made headlines in 1992 when, at the age of 56, it was revealed that he was in a relationship with Mia’s other adopted daughter, Soon-Yi, when she was 21-years-old, as well as Stacey Nelkin, who dated the then-42-year-old director when she was a mere 17-years old.

Watch the two go at it in the CB! video above.