Farrah Abraham Reveals Past Abuse: "I Was Drugged And Raped More Than Once"

Farrah Abraham recently revealed on VH'1 Couples Therapy that she's a victim of abuse, and opened up about it in this week's issue of In Touch Weekly.

"Violence has been a big part of my life," Abraham told the magazine.  "It's horrible what I've been through.  It's caused a lot of problems, but I'm happy that I have been able to live through it."

The former Teen Mom star, 22, made a sex tape with James Deen last summer, and claims she was sexually assaulted while promoting her adult film star image.

"I allowed the wrong type of people into my life," Abraham said.  "I was drugged and raped more than once.  It was a very dark time."

Abraham's childhood may explain why she's made so many poor choices.  Her now-divorced parents, Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham allegedly abused Abraham while growing up, beating her with a belt if she acted up.

"I had cuts, bruises, welts, swelling and scars."

Dr. Jenn Berman, who is "working" with Abraham on Therapy, told In Touch that "Our choices are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.  Farrah made choices that are destructive to her well-being.  Her past trauma plays into her issues with plastic surgery, her DUI and her sex tape."



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  • carin

    I think that it is absolutely horrible to accuse her of lying. Not believing the victim or saying that "she was asking for it" is exactly what is wrong with today's society. Just because she is producing porn does not mean that she cannot be raped or that anyone else has the right to her body. Victim blaming should not be tolerated.

  • kc9700

    I'm about 90% sure shes lying! Shes a fame starved E Lister and will do or say anything to have some sort of career. She tried to go the Kim K route and it blew up in her face. So now here she is trying to throw her parents in. Absolutely PATHETIC! Stop trying to be famous and take care and raise your child! Gah!

  • pj2014

    And....... I went through a tough childhood as well. Everything she says her parents did to her was also done in our house (belts, wooden spoons, slapping, etc.) and my siblings and I GREW UP fine and we are all good people. Farrah stop being the victim. You are not a victim but a RESULT of your choices and that equals LOSER!!!!!! Shame on you for blaming everyone else besides yourself.

  • pj2014

    She is starved for attention and finds something else shocking to claim once the attention of her previous antics have worn out everyone. She is pathetic and looking to blame everyone but herself. She was the one who chose to go under the knife, she was the one who chose to drink be fore she drove and she was the one who accepted money to spread her legs and butt cheeks. No sympathy here folks!!!!!!!!_

  • Jennifer Pereira
    Jennifer Pereira

    I really feel bad for her kid all she does is make up stories for publicity she needs help because she's far from a star all she Did was make poor choices to sell stories worry about your kid instead of selling stories and stop the plastic surgerys u look discusting

  • Brenda Miller
    Brenda Miller

    Well Farrah you should of listen to your mother ans stayed home and now you want to tell the world when you just got off Couphy Theraphy why wasn;t it brought up . You just want people to feel sorry for you you are a grown ass woman and know bwtter and people know how you lie. You had the world;s greastest parents but just didn;tr want to listen to thjem. /hjuat used them for a babysitter. Get a life or go and make another Porn you seem to like it and the group knew you were lying you afre the one the leak the Sex tape out so get a real job you ho.