Jessica Simpson Models Swimsuit and Clothing from Her New Collection, Looks Amazing

Jessica Simpson has had her weight ups and downs. But the 33-year old mom-of-two recently shared photos of herself wearing new items from her Jessica Simpson Collection clothing line, and wow, does she look incredible.

Like many moms that give birth, the roller coaster of joy at having a little bundle is often punctuated with bouts of low self-esteem stemming from the excess weight that doesn’t magically fall off if you breast feed.

Unlike the rest of us, Jessica Simpson is a multimillionaire fashion mogul and high-profile celebrity. Along with that comes the media scrutiny and constant criticism of one’s appearance. Of course celebs also have access to resources (personal chefs, trainers, nannies galore, etc.) to assist them with weight loss. But at the end of the day, even Hollywood stars need to put the time and effort into exercising and eating well. Jessica, who has been a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, shows off her new figure in a white swimsuit and a floral minidress in the ads.

To see Jessica model her new designs, check out the gallery above.