Ashton Kutcher Wants Charlie Sheen to 'Shut the F**k Up'

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Charlie Sheen is seemingly still very upset about not being on Two and a Half Men, and has taken Ashton Kutcher to task for criticizing his performance on Two and a Half Men.

Kutcher - who replaced Sheen as the lead actor in the CBS sitcom in 2011, appeared on last night's (Feburary 5, 2014) Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Kimmel brought up Sheen's Twitter attacks on Kutcher's performance in the show, including telling Kutcher to "quit barfing on my old brilliant show".

Kutcher said: "Dude, shut the f**k up! Seriously, like. Enough already. Like it's like three years later and you're still blowing me up on Twitter. Like come on dude, really?"

Sheen took to Twitter today (February 6, 2014) to apologize for his past outbursts:


Now all the need to do is physically kiss and make up and all will be well in the world.




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  • Kerrie Lousie Ferguson
    Kerrie Lousie Ferguson

    To be fair to Charlie Sheen I agree. I think Two & a half men is rubbish without him. Never rated Ashton!!