Drake Started From the Bottom, and Now He’s Here, on Stage, Confused…

Drake, you are a very popular rapper. Like, really popular. It’s OK to be confident. You should be. Own the stage. You don’t need to ask for permission or clarification. Just do it. Perhaps today’s winning captions will inspire a big confidence boost in you. I hope so.

“‘So you sayin’ this is the stage right here?! Right here?! Nnaaaa!!! Just hold on……we’re going home.'” – Tinashe

“Started from the bottom now I’m up here hell yeah are you sure this is where you want me standing” – Heather

“This floor board is loose !” – Kerry

“On Degrassi they told me where to stand…. Where do I go? HERE?!” - Samantha

“um . hey , can you turn these lights down ? yeah , these ones right here .” – Mary-Lynn

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