Celebrity Equations and Other Funny Things

Now, I don’t profess to be some kind of math genius, but I will say this: numbers, man. One number plus another number equals a third number. This minus that equals some number that’s even less than both. That’s pretty cool, I guess, but what function does it actually serve? I could balance a checkbook if I wanted to, but who would want to? The year is 2014; who writes checks? Your grandma, that’s who! Math ain’t for the young, cool kids like you and me. EXCEPTION: Celebrity equations! Now this is the kind of math that speaks to our generation. And guess what? You just passed Celebrity Equations class with flying colors! A+! Your extra credit — more celebrity equations, Mean Girls Valentine’s Day cards, and more — can be found after the jump.

Enjoy a few more celebrity equations below, and then even more at BuzzFeed.

Jen Lewis, also at BuzzFeed, created these Mean Girls Valentine’s Day cards for you to give to that special someone:

And now, a Frozen parody starring Grumpy Cat: Let It No!

We end things with another round of “misheard song lyrics.” Look, we’ve all been there…

You + reading this = the end of this post.