Dylan Farrow Responds to Backlash: "All I Have Is the Truth"

Dylan Farrow stands by her claims
Dylan Farrow is speaking out yet again after the letter she wrote in the New York Times about her years of sexual abuse at the hands of her adopted father Woody Allen made headlines.

Dylan’s shocking allegations first came to light 21 years ago when she was just 7 years old and resurfaced just as the acclaimed director received his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes in January.

Yet, despite her brother, Moses Farrow, adamantly denying the molestation ever took place, Dylan is standing by her claims.

"It took all of my strength and all of my emotional fortitude to do what I did this week in the hope that it would put the truth out there," Dylan told PEOPLE.

The now 28-year-old writer is coming under fire for rehashing a 1992 case that was never prosecuted after a thorough criminal investigation.

"That is my only ammunition. I don't have money or publicists or limos or fancy apartments in Manhattan. All I have is the truth and that is all I put out there," Dylan added to the mag.

Although “probable cause” was found, Dylan was deemed to “fragile” to go through a trial that would “traumatize” her.

Still, Dylan’s 36-year-old brother, who is now a family therapist, says the real blame lies with their mother, actress Mia Farrow.

"Of course Woody did not molest my sister," he told PEOPLE"My mother drummed it into me to hate my father for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting my sister. And I hated him for her for years. I see now that this was a vengeful way to pay him back for falling in love with Soon-Yi."

Woody and Mia went through a bitter custody battle after he fell in love and eventually married Mia’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, in 1997.

The Yale-New Haven Hospital also concluded no molestation took place, citing Dylan's "elaborate" and "fantasy-like" stories that were "overly-thoughtful and controlling" and "rehearsed," in a report obtained by RadarOnline.

Attorney Elkan Abramowitz has said Woody is not angry, but sad.

“His reaction is one of overwhelming sadness because of what has happened to Dylan,” Abramowitz told the TODAY show. “She was a pawn in a huge fight between him and Mia Farrow years ago and the idea that she was molested was implanted in her by her mother and that memory is never going to go away.”



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  • judykay

    Such a shame to ruin a childs life to get even with her adopted father. I folowed this case from begining to end because of the molestation of a good friend, I almost believed it until the doctors said it wasn't true and that she has been brainwashed by her bitter mother. Now Mia has come up with Ronan being Sinatras son and not woodys. Anything to hurt this man that fell in love with a 19 yr old girl that MIA had adopted with another man,Mia hates her adopted daughter and told all her kids to hate woody and finally one who as been educated in this kind of thing has spoken out and also said it was lies. I feel for Dylan . Her mother should be ashamed for what SHE did to this girl much less what she is trying to do to Woody. I believe that whiole team of docctors before I will believe a vindictive woman who has ruined her daughters life and was sleeping with another man while using Woody and will lieing to him about the boys paternity. She is nothing but a liar.