Miley Cyrus' German Vogue Spread Also Features Plenty of Nipple


Just when you thought you've seen enough of Miley Cyrus' nipples in her W magazine spread, her issue of Vogue Germany are equally boobtastic.

In the photos, which surfaced online this week, Cyrus is seen busting out a breast as she channels Marilyn Monroe in curly blonde hair and red lipstick. And in the shots where she is wearing clothes, the "We Can't Stop" crooner still manages to put the nipple on blast in a see-through dress. Um, thanks.

Keeping us abreast of her many magazine appearances this month, Cyrus also tweeted some outtakes from her Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shoot, which she is seen lounging in bed with two male models (boob out, natch).

Click here to see all the uncensored pics on The Superficial.



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  • Dayna Cano
    Dayna Cano

    Over it! It was shocking the first time. Now it's just pointless.

  • kc9700

    I wouldn't go as far as 'slut' but its like "ok, we get it, your not a Disney kid anymore" I can respect that. BUT Irs like shes doing all this at once and I try and respect artists and what they try and portray as art, but uh I do feel shes really laying it on thick and starting to send the wrond message. Oh and pretty sure it was her idea to expose her breast in everyone of these pica. Have ya not seen her Wrecking ball video?!? Ridiculous. I get wanting to make your mark, but its just too much all at once. She needs to watch it or shes gonna end up ruining her career.

  • Paweł Mcfan
    Paweł Mcfan

    photo shoot is a photo shoot. You must do what they want, such work, someone has to pose and do it. i don't see slut here, the only stupid thing is You. No matter what she's doing, it's her life. No matter how old are her fans, cuz they still ARE her fans. so if u don't like what she's doing , shut up and live ur life.

  • Sharon Russell
    Sharon Russell

    She is turning into a slut what a shame and she said on E all her fans are 10 years old and ip