Selena Gomez Cut Rehab Short to Promote Movie at Sundance

Selena Gomez Sundance Film Festival
In today's installment of questionable decisions, TMZ is reporting that Selena Gomez defied the advice of medical professionals and ditched rehab after two weeks which was part of a six week program.

Why? So she could promote a movie.

Gomez headed to the Sundance Film Festival to promote the film Rudderless which costars Billy Crudup and William H. Macy. She said she would return to rehab after promoting the film, but failed to do so.

Sources say that Selena checked in to rehab for alcohol, pot and Rx Ambien as well as her unhealthy relationship with Justin Bieber. Her reps are sticking with the story that she did not go to rehab for substance abuse.

Here's to hoping that two weeks was all that Selena needed.



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  • Dean Serra
    Dean Serra

    Apparently she can't escape stupidity.

  • Brenda Miller
    Brenda Miller

    Ambien is for Sleeping and the Pot isn;t going to hurt her but if she was Drinking thats good . She is a Beautiful little girl and that will make a people age so fast..So glad she got away from him he would of bought her down to his Level.

  • hotwasabi21

    Wow! What a hypocrite Selena! You cancel the rest of your tour, denying thousands of fans an opportunity to support you live, in order to take time for yourself. And instead of completing a rehab stint for yourself, you leave early to go and WORK??? If you're up for working, then why did you cancel your tour in the first place?? #liarliarpantsonfire