Some Jerk Stole a Very Important ‘Parks and Recreation’ Prop

There’s a very mean thief — and hardcore Parks and Recreation fan — running amuck in the streets of Paris.

After watching the NBC’s series 100th episode, one Tumblr user decided to track down the love lock Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) placed by the Pont Neuf Bridge during the final credits — only to be met with disappointment when they realized that the prop had already been taken by someone else.

“Following the Reddit directions, I found the exact location, checked that all the other locks around it matched.. only to find the actual lock gone. Someone has clearly snipped off the metal fence to slide the lock off. I was super mad and super sad all at once,” they wrote on their blog. “Whoever you are, super hardcore Parks fan, you kinda suck.”

Scott and series co-creator Mike Schur also took interest in the story, tweeting:

Previously, Schur shared a sweet photo of the now-missing lock’s location, writing on his Twitter:

Seriously? First Lil Sebastian dies and now this?! I’m calling for a manhunt.