Stephen Amell ‘Breaks’ Facebook During ‘Arrow’ Fan Q&A

Stephen Amell stars in the hit CW superhero show
Just how popular is the CW show Arrow? Popular enough that when Stephen Amell was answering fan questions on the show’s official Facebook page, the chat was shut down when Amell responded to too many questions and was blocked from commenting.

After answering a handful of fan questions in one thread, he started another thread, saying that for some reason he wasn’t able to respond to anything on the previous one.

Then things went silent for a while, until Stephen responded with this message:

K… Facebook has fully blocked me from making comments on any and all posts because I’m so prolific at replying their algorithm’s determined I must be a spam bot. I AM AMELL THE SPAM BOT.

Sorry everybody… Wanted to go for another 30 minutes. My apologies if your question didn’t get answered.
We will do this again and it won’t mess up.

In the meantime… I’m sort of glad I broke Facebook.

Facebook fail! Maybe he can try doing a Google Hangout next time and see if that will work better.

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