Will You Be Ian Somerhalder’s Valentine?

Ian Somerhalder Nude!?
'Vampire Diaries' star talks nude modeling
The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder is looking for a Valentine. Any takers?

Ian posed the question, “will you be my Valentine” to his Twitter and Instagram followers along a heartfelt message.

The caption read:

Will you be my Valentine?? THESE SHIRTS ROCK! Must order really soon as in, like now if you want them for Valentines Day. If not just order soon.They’re so soft and quite awesome I must say.I’d give you mine but I slept in it last night and its now it’s covered in kitty hair, and Nietzsche slobber! This is huge for ISF-they make killer gifts and are sexy! Order away PLEASE! Its going to help ISF a great deal do many awesome things that need to get DONE;)
Love, Ian&ISF

The black tee that Ian was wearing featured a logo of two elephants making a heart shape with their trunks with a red heart background. The actor who is an advocate for saving the environment also posted a link to the ISF site where fans can buy the shirt.

Would you be Ian’s Valentine? Let us know in the comments below.