That Time Barbara Walters Embarrassed Elizabeth Vargas on ‘The View’

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Yesterday, ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas talked about her struggle with alcoholism on The View.

Vargas, who entered rehab for a three-month program in November, tried to explain what she went through, but was dragged down by Barbara Walters.

The New Jersey native started to describe what she went through, and describe keeping her secret from friends and family “a very isolating and lonely place to be.”

We all knew,” Walters interrupted.  “I am very fond of Elizabeth and proud of her. But we knew… It was public at that point.”

“No it wasn’t,” Vargas said, clearly thrown off by the comment.

A witness later told Page Six that Vargas looked “like she had been slapped in the face, and the atmosphere turned Polar Vortex.”

Walters called the paper after to clear up whatever happened on camera.

I love Elizabeth and have great admiration for her,” she told Page Six. “I never would have deliberately said anything to hurt her, and I called to tell her that.”

“This is silly!” Vargas added after.  “Barbara is a colleague and a friend.”