This Is How James Deen Really Feels About Putting the 'More' in ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’

It’s just what you’ve all been waiting for. 

James Deen is giving us an inside look at Farrah Abraham’s back door… and so much more.

And he just can’t hold back his excitement, that is, for when the door is finally shut on Farrah’s private parts for good.

But, for now, no such luck, James. Farrah is here to stay as she squeezes out her next roughly 70 minutes of fame by immortalizing her once good name as the so-called reluctant porn star in the Backdoor sequel appropriately titled Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. ('More' meaning "fantasy fetish swings.")

“When the first movie was made there’s so much that happened that wasn’t in the first movie,” James told Celebuzz. “Half the video wasn’t used, so I was wondering when they’d release it.”

Now, James wants to take us behind that infamous door.

“The day of the shoot it was at the director’s house and we first shot it in an upstairs area. Then we went downstairs to the suspension swing or sex swing at the next door neighbor's house, then they rented a limo,” he recalled (yes, the limo from Part 1 of Farrah’s skin flick debut when she goes in her very own back door -- and that’s all we’re going to say about that.)

“They definitely had enough footage for two videos," he added.

And because we know you're just dying to find out what else Farrah could possibly have left to reveal, James reveals his co-star does a strip tease and they do the deed in a couple different positions using the swings, of course. (Somehow we think he’s just being modest about that number.)

As far as his memory serves, James said there are no back door shenanigans… on the swing, at least. And it’s not as easy at it looks, people! Think Cirque du Soleil.

“It’s really awkward and not as cool as it looks," he confessed. "It wasn’t a real sex swing even, it was more like aerial acrobatics. There was like silk fabric and stuff. It was bizarre."

But don’t look for Part Deux to outdo the original cinematic masterpiece.

“I definitely think the first one was all the good stuff," James said. "There was a new director and the goal was to out-do the old director and make the best sex tape ever, so I was told.”

And if there’s one thing that doesn’t need a repeat are all the Teen Mom’s headline-making half-truths (i.e. that Farrah's not a porn star, the pregnancy scare, the sex tape was leaked, and she walked away with six figures.)

“It got so dramatic and annoying with all the publicity stunts, so I prefer to stay out of it," he said. "That would be nice.

“I want it to go away.”



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  • Phillip Sucalouski
    Phillip Sucalouski

    Those fake jugs look terrible.

  • myownopinion

    She looks like she has a penis, and her body is shaped like a man... eeeewww. she should not be showing her body like that.. Just gross

  • adda

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  • Christi Breckel
    Christi Breckel

    She is an ABSOLUTE disgrace to her daughter Sophia. What the hell kind of example is she setting for her. I hope Sophia turns out to be just like her so she gets a taste of her own damn medicine. She is so F*cking stupid!

  • Nicole Goris
    Nicole Goris

    Gross your body looks horrible go eat something can't believe you paid for those because they have horrible shape

  • mom3

    If I remember right Sophias dad was killed in an accident before she was ever born. I think Farrah and Sophias dad would have been able to make their relationship work if it had not been for his untimely death. I feel that Farrah has kinda gone off the deep end and is replaceing the attention she is getting from all her "activity" for the loss she feels from the death of Sophias father who she was totally in love with. Instead of porn and boob jobs she needs a therapist who can help her realize what she is doing wrong here not only for herself but for her little girl.

  • Ray Crawford
    Ray Crawford

    i feel bad for her. she's using what exactly to make a few dollars? sad.

  • Tantoe Bong
    Tantoe Bong

    Chicks are Tantoe's Kryptonite what can I say

  • Tantoe Bong
    Tantoe Bong

    She's gorgeous. All of you are gorgeous.

  • Tina EyeSockets Kuszewski
    Tina EyeSockets Kuszewski

    ha ha, they look square. I would NOT be smiling

  • Crystal Luna Cardenas
    Crystal Luna Cardenas

    Those are some lumpy ass titties. More money should have been spent on the reconstruction of that hideous jawline as she looks like a dude. She is definitely suffering from PAS (Pancake Ass Syndrome)

  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    What a turd of a woman and mother she is. You have to wonder what happened to all of these reality show carnies as children that they have a need to ruin their lives like this just chasing fame every minute instead of being a role model to their children.