‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Talks Daryl Dixon and His Fans

'Walking Dead' Who's Who?
Re-aquaint yourself with the cast of the hit AMC zombie series.
The Walking Dead break out star, Norman Reedus, has a theory on why his character is so popular on the show.

Norman told the LA Times, “It’s not because Daryl is a redneck,” said Reedus, 45, in explaining his character’s renown. “I think people are drawn to him because they see a man who is trying to become a better person in the worst circumstances possible.”

“Daryl has finally found a sense of self-worth,” he added. “He has learned it’s OK to be himself, and he’s found people who trust and rely on him.” Reedus is pretty easy on the eyes too.

He also appreciates all of the fan paraphernalia that is sent to him.

“There are these toys that look exactly like me!” he said. “And there’s all this cool Daryl stuff I get sent. There’s this one room in my house that has all these little Daryls from all over the world. It’s a blast.”

Reedus revealed to Digital Spy that he’s more than grateful for the show’s hardcore fans.

“I love talking to people about the show. I really feel it’s a show that belongs to us. It doesn’t feel like a show that belongs to a company or one person. It’s the people’s show. I really love the people that are so into it. I hear all the time that it’s a show that brings families together – I mean that’s crazy, it’s a zombie apocalypse show.

“Then I go to conventions and see these little kids dressed like me and I’m like, ‘Aren’t you a little young for this show?’ But they’re into it and they love it. I think it’s cool, it’s fantasy. There’s gore and terrible things, but it’s a TV show. I think it’s nice to bond with people and form a community around a show like this. It’s been a real gift to me.”

The Walking Dead returns in the US on Sunday (February 9, 2014) on AMC. Check out the gallery to see more pics of Norman during his night out in Hollywood.