Woody Allen Recalls Alleged Death Threats and Haunting Valentine from Mia Farrow in 1992 ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Woody Allen may get his chance to give his rebuttal to Dylan Farrow’s open letter in the New York Times, but the truth is he already told his side of the story 22 years ago…

And his account of what happened in his once happy family is not pretty.

Sitting down with the news magazine in a rare interview, the director denies ever molesting his 7-year-old daughter and details tales of Mia Farrow’s “crazy behavior” that included rage, death threats and what he claims was her confession to concoct a plan to ruin his reputation.

It’s been two decades since the original investigation into the sensational claims resulted in no charges against the director. But Dylan, now 28, has spoken up once again about allegations that her adopted father took her into an attic when she was 7-years-old and touched her.

Back then, Woody had his own answer for why the allegations were leveled against him in the first place. He says it was his ex seeking revenge.

“Either she [Dylan] has been coached methodically to tell the story… by Mia,” he said.

“Because several weeks before it happened Mia called me on the phone and said in the course of a argumentative phone call, ‘I have something very nasty planned for you’… ‘What are you going to do shoot me,’” he responded.

Woody claimed on “many, many occasions” his actress girlfriend of 10 years had said to him: “You took my daughter and I’m going to take yours.”

“She meant by it that I had formed a relationship with her 21-year-old daughter and she was going to get my daughter, Dylan… she was going to seek her revenge that way.”

That 21-year-old daughter is Soon-Yi Previn, Mia’s adopted daughter with composer Andre Previn, who ended up marrying Woody in 1997. Mia found out about the affair after discovering nude photos of her daughter in his apartment taken by Woody.

Even though Soon-Yi was an adult, Woody said he believes she already found him morally guilty of child molesting.

“She threatened to have me killed and to kill me… and to stick my eyes out,” he said. “She became obsessed with Greek tragedy.”

A month before the alleged insistent Woody also claims he found a note written in Mia’s handwriting on a door while he was at her house for Dylan’s birthday that read, “Child molester at birthday party, molded and abused one sister, now focused on youngest sister, family disgusted.”

And on Valentine’s Day he took her threats more seriously when she handed him a disturbing card.

“There was a very, very chilling Valentine. Meticulously worked on, one hesitates to say psychologically worked on. A Victorian Valentine and photo of the family and through all the kids were thrust these needles and steak knifes stuck through the heart of the thing.

Photo: 60 Minutes

“I got scared… if you looked at the thing, it’s quite frightening.”

Woody holds firm throughout the sit-down that nothing ever happened to his daughter.

“There’s no possibility that anything remotely ever happened to Dylan or that I ever did anything to Dylan,” he said.

“She [Mia] may believe it and want to believe it, she may believe it and have convinced herself of it or she may not believe it in the most cynical version of it.

“Soon-Yi thinks that it is absolutely in character that she made it up quite calculatingly,” added Woody.

“Yes, it’s conceivable to me that it’s [the affair] controversial and I take full responsibility… there has been an attempt to link my relationship with Soon-Yi with charges of child molestation… they are two completely different things. Those people who want to feel it’s questionable or it’s not their taste or she’s too young for me or she Mia’s daughter, I’ll take that heat,” he said. “I accept all the criticism that they want. That does not mean I should be charged with child molestation.”

Watch the full 60 Minutes interview in the video above.