Miley Cyrus Responded to a Fan’s Sweet and Very Naked Prom Invitation

17-year-old Matt Peterson went out on a limb last week, inviting Miley Cyrus to be his prom date and exposed himself to the entire world. Well kids, Miley saw his message and has officially responded via Twitter.

Even though she didn’t get the Prom experience when she was being schooled at home, Miley won’t be taking a stroll down memory lane with Matt either. Sadly, she’ll be on tour in Europe the day of dance.

Miley’s initial response seemed pretty cut and dry, along with being every bit the consolation prize you would hope it could be. If you take a look at Matt’s page though, it seems Miss Cyrus even took the time to direct message her would-be-suitor. I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to know what she had to say. She must be planning something, because Matt has announced he’s in a mad dash to get a tuxedo by the 27th of February, the day Miley’s Bangerz Tour rolls into Phoeniz, Arizona.



Matt’s video, in which he stripped down to his birthday suit atop a mountain, gained more than a quarter million views in a week. He is apparently one of Miley’s biggest fans and has no problem with grinding at all. They allow that at public schools now, according to the Arizona High School Student.

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