Miranda Kerr’s Family is Pleading for Their Daughter’s Return to Australia

In a move more fit for the family of a Teen Mom and tailor made for an episode of Dr. Phil, Miranda Kerr is about to receive a very public plea from her estranged family on Australian TV.

Apparently, Miranda, along with her son Flynn, haven’t been back to her native Australia in more than a year and her family is more than ready to spend time with their daughter, sister, and grandson.

Kerr’s mother, father, brother, and grandmother are all set to appear on an Australian television show called Family Confidential. According to its official website, the show “goes behind the scenes with some of Australia’s most famous and influential families as they share, often for the first time on television, the private truths behind the well-known public face.”

Part of that “truth” will include Miranda’s mother, Therese, who worked for her daughter at one point, but was let go last year. Therese told News.com.au that, “”Miranda’s life is so different now (and) she’s surrounded by yes people all the time. It’s so important for me to be real, to be true, to be who she needs me to be.”

It also appears that Miranda’s separation from her family began with her break up from Flynn’s father, Orlando Bloom. The actor got along well with his ex-wife’s family and was even the bearer of bad news when the couple split after three years of marriage.

Her father remembers that phone call well, saying, “I remember him saying ‘we’re always going to be family’ and that’s how we’ll treat Orlando, Miranda and Flynn. We’re all family.”

Aside from missing their daughter and grandson, Mr. and Mrs. Kerr, along with Miranda’s grandmother, are worried about Flynn’s development and the perception around their use of the media to get Miranda’s attention.

“You have to be in the media to be able to get your message out, but then our little Flynny doesn’t know what it’s like to walk outside without paparazzi,” Therese said. Miranda’s grandmother agreed, saying, “I miss the baby and I think he’s missing out on family, that closeness that we have always had,” she said.

Whether or not their accusations are true remains to be seen. If you take a gander at Miranda’s Instagram though, the model has kept the outward appearance that she loves her family.

Just two month ago, she shared a picture of herself, her mother, and her grandmother all tucked into a big cozy bed together.

If you happen to be living down under, check out the interviews for yourself, Tuesday on ABC1.