Shia LaBeouf Wore a Paper Bag to the Berlin Premiere of 'Nymphomaniac'

Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf stormed out of an international press conference. Read More »

Oh, for the love of God. Shia LaBeouf, in a move that can only be described as idiotic, wore a bag over his head to the red carpet premiere of Nymphomaniac.

Mere hours after he baffled and insulted a room full of journalists in Germany, the formerly retired actor showed up to the premiere of his own movie wearing the statement piece of the century. See the photo above.

For more than a week now, Shia has been making the same statement on his Twitter, over and over again.

Seriously, he's been posting the same message day after day since the 13th of January.

He seems to really want to drive the point home, because he can't possibly believe pulling a stunt like this won't end up in every corner of the Internet.

Whatever it is he hopes to accomplish, I'm not sure, but hopefully he'll just go away. It seems as if that's what he really wants and, seeing as how he's a big boy, only he is the person who can make that decision.



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  • Robert Kimball
    Robert Kimball

    Not sure what is wrong with many of our young Hollywood people--both male and female. Some face drugs or alcohol problems; some face mental health issues. Perhaps Shia simply needs to talk out his problems/concerns/expectations/goals with someone like a therapist. I've always liked his movie roles, but must confess, I personally feel his actions of late are cause for alarm. Don't give up on yourself, young man. Keep calm and carry on. Perhaps, as you atteempt to gain control back, the less you say/do in public, the better. Perhaps take some needed time off, have fun, get some sun, get some needed rest, and do your best to avoid sacks over your head and outbursts. These all seem to indicate unhappiness with yourself and/or us. God bless you.