This Is What Michelle Obama Has to Say to Justin Bieber’s Parents

Miley Cyrus has weighed in, Rainn Wilson has poked fun, and Ricky Gervais has toasted him.

So when it comes to Justin Bieber’s public downward spiral, why can’t the First Lady also give her share of unsolicited advice?

After all, she is the “Mom-in-Chief.”

So Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber, listen up.

“I would pull him close. You know, I don’t know if it would be advice as much as action,” Michelle Obama said during an interview with Univision Radio host Enrique Santos. “I would be very present in his life right now. And I would be probably with him a good chunk of the time, just there to talk, to figure out what’s going on in his head, to figure out who’s in his life and who’s not.”

Over the last month, the “Heartbreaker” singer allegedly threw eggs at his neighbors’ house, had his house raided by cops in search of egging evidence, his BFF was arrested and charged with drug possession, he was arrested for a DUI in Miami, he turned himself in to Toronto police for assault, and his hot-boxing private plane was searched for pot — all of which has led to hundreds of thousands of disgruntled U.S. citizens petitioning the White House to get the Canadian crooner booted right back to where he came from.

And that doesn’t include Biebs’ record year of bad boy behavior in 2013 (i.e. attacking a London photog, abandoning his pet primate, getting banned from Vienna nightclubs, spitting on his neighbors, peeing in buckets, and being charged with vandalism in Brazil.)

“I found that to be the case with my kids,” Obama added of her two daughters, Sasha, 12, and Malia, 15. “They just want you near, you know — they want that advice from a parent. They want to see you on a daily basis, because the thing is he’s still a kid. He’s still growing up. So, I would pull him close.”