Kardashian Photoshop Drama, Courtney Stodden Busts Out, Kendall Jenner In Bed: A Roundup

Fans Cry Photoshop Job on Kardashians' New Magazine Cover

Not everyone is happy with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney's new Notebook cover. Find out why fans are up in arms by their new photo spread on TooFab.

Courtney Stodden Busts Out Her "Inflated" Body Part

Did the teen divorcee get yet another plastic surgery procedure? See her new cleavage-filled selfie on Fox News and decide for yourself.

Kendall Jenner Strips Down, Pose in Bed

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is showing major skin in the latest issue of W magazine. Huffington Post has the photos.

Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Dies of Apparent Drug Overdose

The actress' younger sibling, Nancy Motes, was found dead in Los Angeles. Us Weekly has the full story.

Bruce Jenner Steps Out Post-Surgery

The reality TV patriarch has resurfaced after getting his Adam's Apple shaved down in a recent plastic surgery procedure. See how he's doing now on TMZ.

Shayne Lamas In a Coma, Suffers Miscarriage After Medical Emergency

The actress is currently in a coma after a tragic pregnancy complication. Gossip Cop has the full details on her condition.



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  • Sarah Louiise ᵇᵅᵇᵞ ܤ
    Sarah Louiise ᵇᵅᵇᵞ ܤ

    Everything is photo shoped now a days not just for them but for every celeb duno y ppls bitching they should kno its all fake like music they make ppl sound better just how it is now worlds pretty f'ed up lol

  • Amber Escalante
    Amber Escalante

    defiantly photo shop. kim is the queen of photo shop. its such a shame there is girls that look up to them and they want to look like robots or blow up dolls. smh get your head together kdolls.