Kim Kardashian's Daughter Already Has Better Clothes Than You

See all the designer duds North West is getting for New York Fashion Week.

Sorry, Kim Kardashian's baby probably has a better wardrobe than you.

Already on the fast track to fashionista-hood, North West has been receiving tons of expensive clothes from the likes Oscar de la Renta and Roberto Cavalli for New York Fashion Week. (Because toddlers remember things like runway shows, right?)

Luckily for us plebs, mama Kim has been documenting the free swag for all to see.

For example, while the rest of us would have to splash out around $82 for this little bad boy from Kenzo, Kanye West's bundle of joy will be swaddled in its warmth for the low cost of nothing.

Meanwhile, the Cavalli team gifts the tiny tot not one, but two dresses. The leopard-print silk dress on the right values at $213 while the mixed print number on the right originally costs $957 (but it's currently on sale at a bargain price of $315).

As for something from Oscar de la Renta, the one silk dress North receives is worth upwards of $600 in similar styles.

But really, who doesn't want to wear a priceless, customized t-shirt of their mother's CR Fashion Book cover.

All in all, little North's Fashion Week haul totals to approximately $2000.

Combined with the $4300 worth of designer duds she got for Christmas and the unwanted presents from Katie Couric, it's pretty much safe to say that Kimye's child has better clothes than all of us.



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  • fashiongal

    Wth? Um I don't know what you ppl are looking at but that baby is super cute- absolutely beautiful little face and chubby and adorable- pretty little thing. Pretty face

  • trinity

    Yeah, Penelope(looks like Mason) looks way better than this poor "direction" from a porn mom.Kourtney's kids have a lot to be proud of, this child has a face to hide when she starts googling.

  • kelliemurray

    Mason is cuter. Just sayin.

  • Erykah Timberlake-Small
    Erykah Timberlake-Small

    That's not mason silly, its penelope and north lol get it right.