Lorde Shares Make-Up Free Pic, Might Actually Be 17 Years Old

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Grammy-winning singer Lorde, 17, has received a host of accolades for her breakthrough album Pure Heroine. She’s also been the recipient of unkind speculation surrounding her age.

The New Zealand-born “Royals” artist is known for wearing bold, dark lipstick and light foundation, which might explain why people think the teenager is older than she is. However, like many teens Lorde has acne and she recently shared a barefaced photo on her Instagram that might finally silence the doubters.

The self-proclaimed feminist posted this photo yesterday with the caption: “in bed in paris with my acne cream on”

Looks like a normal teen to us! Maybe save for the (presumably) swanky Paris hotel room halfway ’round the world from home of course.

And if you want to hear what Lorde’s hit “Royals” sounds like after auto-tune fanatic T-Pain remixes it, here you go. Enjoy?

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