Tuesday Ten: 10 Fabulous Celeb-Inspired Valentine’s Day Ensembles

Before you immediately click out of this post with a smug, anti-Valentine’s Day look on your face, take a second to hear me out…

Today’s Tuesday Ten post is for everyone—single, taken or somewhere in between—not just the people who are currently in a relationship and loving life this week.  Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, so no matter what your relationship status says on Facebook, you’re probably going to go out… Whether it’s on a hot date, dinner with some friends or a few drinks with your coworkers.

Now, I might not be able to help cure you of your hatred for this “meaningless holiday,” but I CAN help you pick out some great outfit choices for the occasion…And hey! Maybe it’ll help you land a date too ;-)

Launch the video above for the first five celeb-inspired Valentine’s Day looks.  Then you’ll definitely want to make sure you check back tomorrow for the second half… We’ll be spicing things up and getting a little naughty!