David Weintraub Calls Courtney Stodden A "Lightning Bolt of Luminous Energy In Hollywood"

Courtney Stodden on GMA
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Slow claps for Courtney Stodden, who has managed to land a deal with David Weintraub's DWE Talent Management.

Weintraub, 35, stepped out with the former child bride a few weeks ago for dinner at Dan Tana's in West Hollywood.  Stodden, 19, split from husband Doug Hutchison in early November.  Now she has a new set of boobs and a contract with Weintraub. Yayyyy.

“Courtney Stodden is a lightning bolt of luminous energy in Hollywood,” Weintraub stated in a press release today.

“Widely known as a pop culture phenomenon, Courtney does indeed have enormous legitimate talent and star power. DWE Talent will drive Courtney in many different areas of film, TV, viral, hosting and branding spaces. We are excited to introduce Courtney Stodden’s new image worldwide.”

Stodden has a development deal with World of Wonder Productions, the company behind Million Dollar Listing and RuPaul's Drag Race.



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  • keiraknows

    If the quality of Courtney's latest (and much improved, imho) brand new promotional headshot is any indication, It's too bad that David Weintraub wasn't representing her from the very beginning. (Say what you will, but I like Hollywood Hillbillies. And I'm normally not a fan or a watcher of reality shows). He also seems more balanced and stable than the previous adults in her life. I think that Courtney's current and mostly one-dimensional image could use a serious makeover, if she wants to ultimately retain any shred of dignity in Hollywood, or in any media in general. She seems like a nice girl, but mostly self-obsessed and sheltered. She's made it too easy to dismiss her, and make her the brunt of one joke after another. Maybe now she'll start to balance out.