Harry and Wills Fight Wildlife Poaching After Hunting Weekend

Harry Heats Up Bahamas
Prince Harry heats up in The Bahamas
Days after they enjoyed a shooting weekend at the Duke of Westminster’s Spanish estate, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry joined their father, Prince Charles in a plight to stop illegal poaching.

Today, two heirs and a once-spare arrived at Lancaster House for the Illegal Wildlife Trade conference, where both Charles and William gave speeches.

“Organised gangs, terrorist groups and militia were slaughtering ever greater numbers of elephants for their ivory and rhinoceros for their horns,” Charles told the audience. “Most threatened of all, they said, is the elephant – an integral part of the ecological and social fabric of the African continent and a keystone species.”

The princes raised eyebrows over the timing of their hunting trip this past weekend, coming just days before the conference.  They were also joined by William’s ex-girlfriend, Jecca Craig, whose family owns conservation land in Kenya.

“I don’t think it was great timing and I personally do not hunt,” Will Travers OBE, President of the Born Free Foundation told the Daily Mail of William and Harry’s trip.

But I would say this – we mustn’t get these two issues confused.  This is all about industrial levels of wildlife crime linked to terrorist organisations, which will come to our door if we don’t do something about it.

“I hope people can, whether they agree with hunting or not, leave that to a different debate and focus right now on wildlife crime.”