Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart’s Relationship on the Rocks?… Not So Fast

Does this look like a couple on the outs?

Well, if you ask us, Jennifer Lopez and her beau Casper Smart sure do look blissfully in love.

But if you ask OK!, that’s all going to come crashing down any day now.

According to the mag’s unnamed source, JLo’s non-stop work ethic and tendency for taking phone calls at all hours of the day and night all to keep her career on top is taking its toll and even led to Smart calling it quits.

“She has an insatiable appetite for her career. She always wants more, more, more! It’s difficult for Casper, just as it’s been for everyone else,” the source told the mag.

OK! says the 26-year-old dancer broke up with the 44-year-old superstar last month, then they got back together… only that reconciliation may be short-lived.

“It’s well passed the honeymoon stage now. One minute they’re fine and then the next they’re having a crazy fight. This pattern repeats itself over and over,” added the source.

“Everything they do revolves around her needs and her work — so he is completely stifled. Casper is feeling left out in the cold and he’s going to dump her.”

Hmm, he sure looks pretty darn warm to us on the Miami set of JLo’s new music video Wednesday as they smiled from ear-to-ear and held ech other’s hands tight.

Interesting enough, the twosome, who’ve been going strong for two years, actually seem to work together pretty well, with the American Idol judge promoting Smart to choreographer on her 2012 world tour and they even co-created the dance reality series A Step Away.

“With finesse,” Smart told CB! about how he and Lopez make it work on and off set. “I think if you treat it just like anything else, just respectful and professional. We’re good. Once you get ego and pride involved and personal is when it’s bad.

“Just like anybody else, it takes work, any good relationship takes work. Just staying happy.”

Flip though the happy couple’s family day out on set in Miami in the CB! gallery above.