Mariah Carey is a Nanny Firing Machine

The diva is also never really sure where Nick Cannon is.

Mariah Carey mixed with champagne make for a very entertaining interview.

The pop diva paid a visit to The Breakfast Show radio program on Wednesday (February 12, 2014), and revealed some very interesting details about her life.

When asked if she was “hands-on” with her twins Monroe and Moroccan, Carey revealed she was - because was always firing her nannies.

“I fire nannies like this,” Carey said, snapping her fingers. “But I have to because if they try to make themselves more important in the babies’ minds than me…” Carey stated and then made a throat-cutting motion.

She also told the hosts she hasn’t heard Beyonce’s "Drunk in Love" song yet and typically has no idea in regard to whereabouts of her husband Nick Cannon.

Mariah was also quizzed on what she has planned for Valentine's Day, which is tomorrow. She joked she doesn't even know if her famously workaholic husband will be at home for the romantic holiday. However even if he isn't, it won't matter as he shows how he feels in other ways.

"I have to say Nick is very festive as well. I give him credit where credit's due; flowers, we celebrate our anniversary every month of the year," she explained.

TMZ also reports Carey brought her own lighting crew to the studio. For a radio interview.




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  • joanie

    Good God! Those poor children. Whatever happened to the idea of giving kids consistency in their lives? A nanny is only more important in a child's life if you fail to give the kid any of your time or attention.