WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris In Bed For Sexy New Music Video

All Neil Patrick Harris really wants to do is sleep, and in the new music video for the lifestyle beverage brand Neuro, the actor shares a sexy, slow jam to help set the mood!

A sample lyric is as follows, “Ooooh, c’mon, don’t make me lie awake here all night long. Sleep you’re all I want, cause you know how to keep me going strong.”

Rapper Problem slides in from under the bed to add a hip-hop twist to the song. “At the end of the day, I’m barely standing…I love sleeping with you,” raps Problem. Watch the video above.

According to ET, the video was a joint project between NPH and Fame actor and singer Asher Monroe along with rapper Problem. Jon Jon Augustavo, who directed Macklemore’s video for “Thrift Shop,” shot the ad, while Emmy-award winning choreographer Spencer Liff and composer Adam Schlesinger also lend a hand!

According to a survey conducted by Neuro’s Sleep brand, 35% of those surveyed chose Neil Patrick Harris as the celebrity they would most like to have a slumber party with.