Brother of Nancy Motes’ Fiance Claims Julia Roberts’ Family Didn’t Try to Get Her Into Rehab

Julia Roberts’ half-sister tragically passed away last Sunday after an apparent drug overdose, and in the few days after her death reports have shed light on a sibling rift so deep it may have led Nancy Motes to take her own life.

At least, that’s what Conner Dilbeck, the brother of Nancy’s fiancé, John Dilbeck, claims.

And he’s not holding back, saying Nancy left everything to her husband-to-be and even casts doubt on reports the famous family tried to send her to rehab, he tells CB!

“There are lots of things Julia wants to keep quiet and would definitely cast a shadow over the illusion she’s ‘America’s Sweetheart,’” Conner told Celebuzz.

“Nancy wrote an eight-page letter before she took her life, making known the things her sister did to her.

“It was bullying where she felt the last resort was to take her own life.

“It’s something my family got to witness.”

John proposed to 37-year-old Nancy while she was working as a production assistant on the set of Glee, a job Julia helped her to get.

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Although Conner admits he’s never met the movie star, he insists his brother did on several occasions, even going to her house.

And the relationship was always rocky.

“I saw the aftermath of how it affected Nancy and how my brother was always there to try to calm her down,” Conner said.

Conner said Nancy blamed her famous other half for her familial discontent.

“Taking her mother away from her, getting her job reduced down to nothing,” Conner claimed.

“Nancy came out here trying to establish a film career. She had people trying to get her into films and Julia kept her out of things.

“But in the end when Nancy didn’t comply to things, like not marrying my bother, she mysteriously got reduced to checking fan mail on Glee, she got cut off insurance,” he alleged. “She had seizures and couldn’t drive herself because she got cut off from insurance, and couldn’t get medications for her arthritis.”

RadarOnline reported the Oscar-winning actress desperately tried to help get her sister into rehab over the years to tackle a supposed drug problem, a report Conner emphatically denies as a ruse by Nancy’s family.

“Those are lies. They never tried to get her into rehab,” he said. “She was taking prescription medication for seizures and arthritis, and she’d occasionally smoke marijuana.

“It’s never been an issue.

“The drug thing is a spin to try to cover tracks about the real issue. The truth is it’s a smokescreen to paint the picture that this is a druggie nobody could help, that’s so far from the truth, it’s not even funny.

“They didn’t try to help her go into rehab.”

Conner, who says many of his family members have seen the suicide note and have recounted its contents to him, says it could tarnish the August: Osage County star’s squeaky clean image.

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“She’s terrified it’s going to come out. She’s not ‘America’s Sweetheart.’ She is acting that part. She’s hiding in the shadows doing her wickedness,” he said.

Conner says the first four pages Nancy addressed to his brother by expressing her apologies and what she wants done with her belongings; another page to her and Julia’s mother, Betty Lou, about how much she loved her; and the final pages “blasting her two sisters to drive her to what she did.”

He also claims Nancy wrote that she wanted her future husband to have all her possessions and slams the notion that Nancy’s family is reportedly concerned those personal belongings will be used for profit.

“The letter basically made him the beneficiary. Nancy wrote that in her letter that she wanted him to be the beneficiary,” he revealed.

“Everything that mattered to him died in that bathtub. The stuff doesn’t matter. What matters is the truth getting out. It’s not a money thing. It’s about the truth. That’s the key.

“She was bullied by her family, she was treated like a red-headed, bitch stepchild,” he added.

The root of their issues were in large part due to Julia’s disapproval of her sister’s fiance.

“She didn’t want her half sister marrying someone beneath her station. She blamed my brother for things that are not true,” Conner revealed.

He adds the Dilbecks became her unofficial adopted family.

“My family took Nancy in because her family was pushing her out. I remember during Christmas she was so sad her own family wouldn’t interact with her.

“She was a family member to us. We loved her.”

John discovered Nancy’s body in the bathtub of a Los Angeles home where she was house-sitting. No funeral arraignments have been made yet, with no official cause of death released by the coroner.

“My brother doesn’t know how to think straight. He’s still in shock by this event,” said Conner. “Think about how you’d be if you found your fiancé in the bathtub with an eight-page letter after experiencing five years of torment he witnessed and was subjected to even to the point where he had to cater to her [Nancy’s] every need.”

It got so bad, Conner did admit there were concerns among his family that she would take her own life: “She was very depressed,” he said of Nancy, who even ranted on Twitter in recent weeks about the 46-year-old actress.

Right now, the families are grieving in private. Julia has canceled all public appearances, and neither she nor Nancy’s fiancé have spoken publicly. However, John’s family released this statement to Us Weekly“John Dilbeck and his extended family would like to express their heartfelt condolences to all of Nancy Motes’ family and friends,” the statement read. “We loved her dearly and will miss her always. Please know that the words she wrote in online venues were those of someone in pain who loved her family and longed for a closer bond with them. 

“Nancy was a kind and thoughtful person quick to give a hug or share her memorable laugh,” the statement continued. “John is heartbroken and requests that he be left in peace to recover from a loss that all should understand.”