Lindsay Lohan Went and Had Another 'Mean Girls' Reunion

Lindsay Lohan's Men Girls Reunion
'mean girls' reunion!
Mean Girls co-stars Lindsay Lohan and Daniel Franzese pose together in New York, ten years after the film came out.
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Just last week, the internet was delighted to learn that Lindsay Lohan and Daniel Franzese (Cady and Damian from Mean Girls) were still hanging out and posing for glamorously-filtered Instagram shots together. Now, they're hanging out again, and they've added Rajiv Surendra, who played Kevin G, to the mix.

These dual reunions have me thinking. As the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls approaches this April wouldn't this be a great idea for a reality series? Sort of like Lindsay Lohan's Simple Life? She gets in a car and drives around to hang out with various Mean Girls stars to see what they're up to? Anyway, there's a free idea for whatever TV execs are reading. I know I'd watch.



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