So, Jimmy Fallon Was Once a Calvin Klein Model Apparently

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I suppose he was always considered one of the better looking SNL cast members, but did you know that TV host Jimmy Fallon used to moonlight as a Calvin Klein model?! Bizarre, right? Wait til you see the ad from 2001 that just surfaced.


It looks fake to us, too but evidently it’s not. Calvin Klein sought Fallon out back in his Weekend Update days.

Jimmy told Paper magazine back in 2011, “As a comedian, you don’t really think that you’re good-looking, so when someone asks you if you’d like to model Calvin Klein, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, yes — yes, I want the billboard to be right over the Improv.” In addition to appearing in this print ad, Jimmy’s mug was plastered on free postcards as well. Who knew?

Jimmy, 39, starts his new gig as host of The Tonight Show next week.